How to Be Involved with Stormwater at Home


  • Maintain your car so it does not leak oil and other fluids
  • Wash your car on the grass and avoid getting soap and water in the storm drain


  • Do not over fertilize your lawn
  • Do not use pesticides or fertilizer before a heavy rain
  • If you spill fertilizer, sweep it up instead of washing it away with a hose
  • Turn downspouts away from hard surfaces
  • Seed bare spots in your yard to help control erosion
  • Use native plants for landscaping

Septic System

  • Maintain it properly; have it pumped every three to five years
  • Never put chemicals in your septic system, it can leach into groundwater and damage the system


  • Pick up after your pet and dispose of waste in garbage
  • Do not use pet waste as fertilizer


  • Learn how to make your own cleaning products that do not contain harmful substances
  • Always follow directions when using hazardous substances
  • Never mix harmful chemicals/waste together
  • Never dispose of toxic materials in a storm sewer
  • Never flush pharmaceuticals or chemicals down your toilet

Remember: Do not dump chemicals, solvents, paints, auto fluids, leaves, trash, grass clippings or pet waste in storm water drains. Only rain in the drain!