The Service Director is the head of the Department of Public Service and is appointed by the Mayor. According to the City Charter, the Service Director is the supervising authority responsible for the Building Inspection Division, the Engineering Division, the Streets Division and the Utility Division. Within these divisions, the Service Director is charged with the construction, improvement, repair and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, alleys, lanes, bridges; of water mains, pumps, systems, pipes, purification and filtration plants, as well as, the water distribution system; of sewers, sewage systems, drains, ditches, culverts, streams, watercourses; and of all public buildings and other public places belonging to the city or dedicated to public use.

Grand Funding Press Release - 01/26/2018

Please see the attached press release.


As you might have seen in the Beacon Journal, we have received huge news regarding the receipt of over $8.8 million in federal grant dollars toward infrastructure improvement and street resurfacing projects. Since taking office in 2012, Mayor Judge has directed the entire staff to be aggressive toward grant funding opportunities and news like today reveal the results of those efforts. I’ve attached both the City’s and AMATS’ news releases, which provide more detail regarding this exciting news.

A couple of these projects are transformational for our city. The Wooster Rd. N./State St. concrete intersection reconstruction will tie in nicely to our planned S.R. 619 improvements and the State of Ohio directed interchange realignment. The planned realignment can provide economic development opportunities within the Wooster Rd. N./State St. corridor. Further, the reconstruction of Wooster Rd. W. from 2nd St. NW to Hudson Run will include resurfacing, sidewalk, curb, and storm sewer improvements that are not only much needed, but also provide enhancements that lend towards future development. We are also looking at additional improvement opportunities for the Wooster Rd. W. corridor.

A thank you to all of you that supported our efforts through legislation. When we all work together, we achieve great successes.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Michael Vinay, MPA | Director of Public Service

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