Emergency Response & Operations

The Barberton Fire Department's fire and emergency response include 42 firefighter/paramedics. The rank structure is:

3- Captains- Captains are Shift Commanders that supervise and lead the fire crews at both stations. Captains are responsible for scene management at emergency incidents and the overall readiness of the personnel on their shift.

9– Lieutenants- Lieutenants function as Company Officers and are responsible to direct the personnel assigned to their trucks including training and job function assignments.

30- Firefighter/Paramedics- Fire/Medics are responsible to know and provide all aspects of emergency response to the public.


The BFD is structured with three 24-hour shifts (A, B, & C), each with 14 firefighter/paramedics and minimum staffing of nine personnel. Below is the organizational chart of the BFD.

Shift Staffing