JR Wheel Employment Opportunities

JR Wheel

5208 Wooster Rd W Norton Ohio 44203

330-825-1565 Ext 126 Briana


We are a Manufacturing/Machining Facility.


Job requires lifting between 40 and 80 pounds. (Most areas have lifting devices)

We offer paid Holidays and Vacations.

We pay on a weekly basis (Friday).  

We have numerous positions available: Machine operators, polish operators, and inspectors. These are entry level positions and we offer all employees on the job training.

All positions are full time (40 hours plus) and permanent (not seasonal or temporary).


Schedule: Monday - Saturday is mandatory.

1st Shift          7am-3pm         $12.50


2nd Shift         3pm-11pm       $13.50


3rd Shift          11pm-7am       $13.50


(Plus, weekly incentives in our machine department).

Overtime is very easy to obtain with our company. 


We are working 6 days a week, 8 and 12-hour shifts.


We have in place a Covid-19 Overtime program, which pays out double time for all hours worked over 40.


Example for 1st Shift

Regular Rate                     $12.50 x 40 hours    =          $500

Overtime Rate                   $25 x 16 hours         =          $400

Incentive                            $24 x 5 days            =          $120

Weekend Incentive            $48 x 2 day             =          $ 96

                                                                          =          $1116 a week