Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why doesn't the city dig up and sell the mums growing in the mum gardens?

Click this link for the answer

2. Where do I park? Is there handicap park available?

There are several parking locations. There is shuttle parking at the Barberton Middle School, where you can park and a bus will transport you to the drop off site close to the Mum Fest. 

There is public parking at the Orange Parking Lot and additional parking lot located off of W. Hopocan Ave & Newell St. 

Handicap Parking is located at the city Purple Parking lot located at W. Tuscarawas Ave. &  2nd St. NW. 

All parking locations are located on the Google Map of Mumfest, you can click on the location for driving directions. 

3. Are there areas to sit down and eat?

There are two areas to eat and sit down, one location is outdoors and another is indoor. The outdoor eating location is located by the Lake Anna Gazebo. The indoor eating location is located inside the Lake Anna Hall. 

For a better view of the locations please see the Google Map of Mumfest

4. I want to be a craft/food/commercial vendor do you have spaces available for the 2022 Mum Fest?

We are full for the 2022 Mum Fest. However if you are interested in being a vendor for the 2023 Mum Fest please contact the email listed. 

Craft Vendor contact:  

Food/Commercial Vendor contact:

In January, if you had previously sent an email to the listed contact for your vendor type, you will receive an email with information about the 2023 Mum Fest vendor information. 

5. DORA in Barberton- Will people be able to drink alcohol at Mum Fest when DORA gets approved?

The Mum Festival encompasses Lake Anna Park as well as 3 of the surrounding streets (6th St. NW; W. Park St; 3rd St. NW). No Alcohol is permitted within the park. Any alcohol which is purchased and in a DORA cup will have to stay within the DORA designated areas

6. What is the pricing for the mums? Will you be selling pumpkin pots this year?

 The pricing for mums during the 2023 Mum Festival are the following: 

Can Purchase atItemPrice
Pre-sale & During the FestivalPotted Mums$9 /mum5 for $40
Pre-sale & During the Festival
Hanging Baskets$35 /basket
Pre-sale & During the Festival
Patio Pots$35 /patio pot
ONLY During the Festival
Pumpkin pots 
(only available on Sat & Sun)