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Individuals requesting a payment plan extension are asked to call 330-861-7191 for payment plan extensions

Traffic Court Appearance via Zoom®

Notice of Option to Appear in Court via Zoom® Videoconferencing

If you have been summoned to appear before the Barberton Municipal Court, the Court utilizes Zoom® video conferencing for certain offenses allowing you to appear electronically through the Zoom® app on either your smartphone or computer with web camera and microphone.

Zoom Traffic Court initial appearances and payment plan requests are conducted at 9:00am Tuesdays and must be scheduled by contacting the Clerk of Courts at 330-753-2261. 

Zoom Traffic Court sessions are conducted after in-person court sessions, so you may be waiting in the Court Waiting Room for a period of time depending upon the number of in-person appearances.

When scheduled for a Zoom appearance, you will receive an email invitation with a Zoom link for the date of your appearance. At 9:00am on the date of your scheduled Zoom appearance, attend our Traffic Court by clicking on the link provided, or opening the Zoom® app, selecting “Join,” and entering the Court’s meeting ID: 293-008-4196 Upon entering the Court’s Zoom® meeting you will be held in a virtual waiting room until your case is called. Please be patient.


  • Select “Join with Video” and “Call using Internet Audio” when joining.  Enabled video is mandatory.
  • Proper attire is required.  You are attending a public proceeding.
  • Please make every effort to minimize background distractions - your audio is heard in a public courtroom by those attending in person.

Please note:  The Court's Zoom Meeting Room is an open forum affording public access. However, behavior deemed inappropriate may result in the Participant being removed from the Room.  As a Participant, you acknowledge your appearance is both broadcast within the public courtroom and live-streamed through the Court's live feed.

Please have a stable internet connection and enable internet or WiFi audio.  Allow use of microphone and use of camera on your device for participation.  Both audio and video must be enabled for participation in the court hearing.  If the defendant fails to appear in person or via Zoom with enabled audio and video for participation, a warrant will be issued or kept on a case.

Also Note:

  • Payments may be made online. Individuals requesting a payment plan extension are asked to call 330-753-2261 for payment plan extensions.
  • Civil filings may be mailed to Katie Reed, Clerk of Court, with the appropriate filing fee
  • Clerk of Court will accept motions on pending cases faxed to 330-861-7120
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